Wildhorse Equestrian Center is now a US 501C3 nonprofit and a State of MT nonprofit.
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Please direct all inquires to: Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D., President and Director by phone at: 406-540-2916 or contact us at our email: gloryrider100@gmail.com

Our classes are now taught thirty minutes south of Missoula, MT at an indoor/outdoor stable on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Wildhorse Riding Program is now Wildhorse Equestrian Center.


After twenty-two years of miracles, Wildhorse is retiring from teaching horseback riding lessons. Kari Ann will be seventy-four years old on June 10, 2023, and can no longer carry the multiplicity of tasks from teaching to bookkeeping to taxes to grant writing and publicity.

Kari Ann is determined to pass on all she knows about the needs of therapeutic riders (which she is) to a willing apprentice or volunteer who will assist her during her forthcoming riding lessons on an Alberton, MT ranch.

The vast amount of knowledge will include horse temperament and bonding with affection, training on the lunge line, horse/rider relations and conveying riding skills with affection and respect for all involved and so much more.

Kari Ann has developed many creative and new curricula for therapeutic riding, from teaching geometry on horseback to an autistic rider to uniting breathing and relaxation by asking the horse for forward movement and movement at all gaits.

Kari Ann’s lessons will begin April 24 at 3 PM in Alberton, MT., forty minutes from Missoula, MT. Please contact Kari Ann at gloryrider100@gmail.com

Wildhorse’s primary purpose is still strengthening our students’ minds, bodies and spirits through a gentle horse/rider relationship of mutual trust. Our riding technique is Centered Riding-inspired and unites breath and body in the subtle use of our riders’ hands, seat, legs and voice.

Wildhorse practices positive communication with students, parents, volunteers, horses and everyone else who comes to our program.

Our affectionate methods of teaching and constructive criticism, with suggestions of improvement spoken with a happy trust, aid advancement in overall health of all kinds as well as riding skills.

Several of our volunteers and students are now horse owners. One is a professional farrier. Another is practicing veterinary medicine after graduating from Cornell University’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

Kari Ann hopes her emphatically fabulous recommendation of this marvelous Wildhorse volunteer/student was helpful!

Kind regards, Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D., Program Director and Head Instructor of Wildhorse.

About Our Program

Special Thanks, Credits & Other Acknowledgments to the Following:

  • The African American educator who said, “Children do not learn from those who do not love them”.
  • Seedlings of Change and The Brondum Foundation, both in and near Missoula, MT, for their financial support.
  • The incredible parents of our many young students for their love and dedication.
  • The courage of our students of all ages.

Here’s a Special Drawing below from one of our students.

Drawing of Therapy Horse, Thyme from Wild Horse

Student Drawing of Thyme from Wild Horse

Our wonderful volunteers, whose experience has ranged from advanced English jumping to Western Pleasure to dressage studied in Europe and America.

Our horse Thyme the Marvelous Pony!

Wildhorse wishes to single out the stable and ranch owners who hosted our program, particularly Linda McCormick in Huson, MT and Peggy Persico, Cattail Stables, Florence MT.

No Distance Is too Far If Your Heart Desires It

Wildhorse and Kari Ann’s many instructors over the years have set an example of kindness and professionalism that has inspired Wildhorse and many other people and programs. Kari Ann acknowledges with deep gratitude:


Becky Hart, Centered Riding Instructor, San Jose, CA

Lucille Bump, Senior Level IV Centered Riding instructor and clinician, Guilford VT.

Peggy Persico, Dressage Instructor, Stevensville, MT

Tara Hayes, Program Director and Head Instructor, Faith Riding Program, Lolo MT

And many others, beginning when Kari Ann was a young child in the New York area and continuing into the present.

Professional Recommendations

Danielle Vulpis, Respiratory & Sleep Solutions Clinic, LLC. Missoula, MT

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“The program literally has the breath of life and heart love of Kari Ann infused into this amazing gift of riding. As someone that has ridden since age 3, I can tell you that horses are so very healing to humans. I wholeheartedly support Kari Ann and her dream to fruition and encourage those of you on the fence… to gently slide onto the back of an angel to change your life for the better. “

Clair Leonard, Russian for Everyone Missoula, MT

“Instruction is thorough and thoughtful. Positivity and kindness abound! Suitable for all kinds of people in a safe and nurturing environment.”

Gayanna Magcosta, FabFitFree, Missoula, MT

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“Kari is a compassionate professional who makes Creative Movement, including basic ballet and modern dance, accessible to everyone striving for wellness.”

Dr. Jo Lamm Minneapolis, MN

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“Kari Ann offers a unique service that is innovative and very healing. I highly recommend this business!”

Amber Rose, Missoula Health and Wellness Missoula, MT

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“Wonderful business offering combining breath and relaxation! So thankful this is part of our community!”

Diane Berania Wholesale Payments Milpitas, CA

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“The program is an reputable, honest, business. I have known Kari Ann Owen for years. Her business has helped hundreds if not thousands in some way or another. I say that from personal experience when her business was in California and I saw her on a regular basis. If were in Montana I would definitely pursue her classes, courses, support her business 110%. I urge anyone reading this to invest in her company as you will see the immediate rewards from being associated with her.”

Maryn Hitchman, QBSR Wellness LLC., South Amboy, NJ

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“Dr. Kari does marvelous work. These magnificent creatures hold a significant key to unlocking pathways.”

Jeanette Mcnamee, ERA Lambros Real Estate Missoula, MT

Contact: 406.396.9261

“If you are looking for your child to have a riding lesson, this place is the best! Kari Ann is friendly, knowledgeable, and great with kids.”

Robert C. Mytty, Rodda Paint Co. Missoula, MT

Contact: 406-721-5800

“Hearing great things.”

I’d Love to Hear From You!

Please contact Dr. Kari Ann Owen and Wildhorse Equestrian Center using the form provided below for any riding or consulting needs concerning foundation training in horsemanship and horseback riding.

Kari Ann has been teaching Creative Movement at the Missoula MT YMCA and in her home studio.

Please contact Kari Ann about Creative Movement classes, which are active and ongoing, at angelswing@letjoyrise.net

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Please Note: Wildhorse Equestrian Center does not teach therapeutic riding and Wildhorse does not provide Equine Therapy.

To The Creator of All Life Be the Glory.

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