Farewell to wild horse

Wildhorse Therapeutic Riding Program in Missoula, MT is retiring after twenty successful years of giving love and acceptance through equestrian education. Wildhorse has received so much in return! 

Kind Regards, Dr. Kari Ann Owen, Ph.D., Program Director and Head Instructor of Wildhorse.

More About The Program’s Retirement

Special Thanks, Credits & Other Acknowledgments to the Following:

The African American educator who said, “Children do not learn from those who do not love them”. Wildhorse has practiced positive communication with students, parents, volunteers, horses and everyone else who  has come to our program.  Our affectionate methods of teaching and constructive criticism, with suggestions of improvement spoken with a happy trust, have aided advancement in overall health of all kinds as well as riding skills. PATH International for their instructional and mentorship certification programs. Kari Ann has been a certified instructor with PATH since 2004.

Seedlings of Change and The Brondum Foundation, both in Missoula, MT, for their financial support.

The incredible parents of our many young students for their love and dedication.

The courage of all our students of all ages. Some have been mobility impaired. Some have been hearing and vision-impaired. One had a phobia about horses that Wildhorse was able to help cure (the rider found herself riding independently after three lessons).

Samantha and Echo (great portrait)

More Special Thanks, Credits & Other Acknowledgments to the Following:

Our wonderful volunteers, whose experience has ranged from advanced English jumping to Western Pleasure to dressage studied in Europe and America.

Our therapy horses, owned and borrowed: Echo, Penny and Guinness (third level dressage horse) and Budleigh and Tony the Pony and Jack.

Wildhorse wishes to single out the stable and ranch owners who hosted our program, particularly Linda McCormick in Huson, MT.

The Memories Wild Horse Created

Please enjoy this hilarious video of therapy horse Echo playing soccer with his disabled rider.

No Distance Is too Far If Your Heart Desires It

Wildhorse and Kari Ann’s many instructors over the years have set an example of kindness and professionalism that has inspired Wildhorse and many other people and programs. Kari Ann acknowledges with deep gratitude:


Becky Hart, Centered Riding Instructor, San Jose, CA
Peggy Persico, Dressage Instructor, Stevensville, MT
Tara Hayes, Program Director and Head Instructor, Faith Therapeutic Riding Program, Lolo MT
And many others, beginning when Kari Ann was a young child in the New York area and continuing into the present.

I’d Love to Hear From You!

Please contact me personally (Kari Ann) using the form provided below for any consulting needs concerning therapeutic horseback riding and Creative Movement for disabled and other special persons. Kari Ann is currently teaching Creative Movement at the Missoula MT YMCA.

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To The Creator of All Life Be the Glory.